Ivashkino is a brand of flour products of the Tortyana group of companies with twenty years of experience in the production of sweet treats. The brand includes the production of a larger range of cookies.


Despite the fact that the products of the Tortyana group of companies have been on the market for a large amount of time, the Ivashkino brand was not developed at all. The consumer was given the wrong first impression of the product. Our task was to correct this: to develop an effective packaging design that could not only attract attention but also highlight the strengths of the brand.


Since the flour products market is characterized by a large selection, it was important for us, first of all, to highlight the advantages of the brand, reflecting its positioning. Since the name of the brand Ivashkino evokes the association of a village, as if full of mouth-watering sweets, we focused on the transmission of traditional values inherent in the Russian cultural code.

The interesting font of the large logo immediately attracts attention to the name. The neat placement of the heart along with the signature “for cozy evenings” is conducive to dear family gatherings that cannot be done without tea and something sweet. The developed appetizing food zone reflects the contents of the package and will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

The packaging of each cookie flavor differs from the other with shades of color that are visually pleasing. The new effective design of Ivashkino cookies is now not only memorable and looks modern, but also conveys the main values of the company.