The Dobrynya-Dar company produces a range of products under various brands, including coffee “Maximus”, “Strong”, “Indiana Gold”, various varieties of black tea from the “London Tea Club”, green tea “Good Morning”, as well as a series of Ceylon, green, flower and long tea under the brand name “Dobrynya Nikitich”, and fruit tea “Frutos Ceylon”.

Each stage of production is focused on providing consumers with high-quality products that meet the most stringent requirements, at the same time at the best price.


The Maximus brand commissioned us with the task of creating a design for new SKUs – Macchiato, Cappuccino, Latte. For the manufacturer, we have already developed visual packaging communications for the Gold Collection, Exclusive and Hot Chocolate lines.

The main purpose of new product design is to support the strengthening of the brand’s position in the market, reflect its positioning as a leading player among competitors and expand the geography of product sales.

To solve the set tasks, we chose the EXPRESS DESIGN service, which allows us to effectively implement one service option that will work successfully in the market in a short time and for an acceptable amount. The leading designers of our branding agency do an excellent job with any request received. An excellent example of the implementation of this service was the design for the Maximus brand.


The Maximus brand positions itself as a source of unique pleasure for true coffee connoisseurs. It strives to offer its consumers not only a high-quality product, but also an indescribable experience of real pleasure. Maximus brand products not only quench your thirst for a coffee drink, but also give you a feeling of energy and freedom. We took all the mentioned characteristics as the basis for developing the design of Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato products.

The packaging of each type of coffee differs in background colors: Cappuccino is chocolate, Latte is milky, and Macchiato packaging is dark emerald. Each color is presented in rich, saturated shades that are not only memorable, but also reflect the aesthetics of the positioning as a whole. The general style of the fonts, as well as the red brand zone with a large brand logo, unite all three types of coffee and mark their belonging to the same line.

A noticeable inscription of the type of coffee, an expressive food zone, which has a compositional center in the form of a cup of coffee – all this creates a special harmony and attractive appearance on the shelf.