Why Not Stitching Botanical

Karolina Król Studio

Warsaw, Poland

Why Not Stitching Embroidery Academy reached out to Karolina Król Studio for support with their new packaging design for their embroidery craft boxes. They planned to offer these kits in their online store to their students interested in picking up a new creative hobby, as well as a lovely idea for a gift for someone special. The boxes contain a carefully selected set of supplies, such as high-end embroidery hoops, fabric, needles, thread, custom embroidery patterns, as well as access to real-time lessons, making it so fun and easy to begin the embroidery journey.

The main idea of this packaging design project was to create a box that was cohesive with the existing brand identity of Why Not Stitching Embroidery Academy, and maintaining its simplicity and elegance. Therefore, the brand’s delicate logo was combined in a stylish, asymmetrical layout with an elegant serif font used for the product description, and a subtle, neutral colour palette, emphasising the high quality of the embroidery supplies inside, and providing a chic, minimalist look.

In order to add a subtle, delicate touch and reflect the natural vibes of the custom embroidery taught by Why Not Stitching, the design features a set of hand-painted botanical illustrations that are placed on the front and on the back of the box, and are wrapping around the sides to provide a natural, organic layout while still maintaining a minimalist feel. These flowy illustrations were inspired by the delicate botanical embroidery patterns created by Why Not Stitching but at the same time aimed to add a bit more of the organic qualities that can be brought out in an illustration painted in ink. Additionally, there is also a custom hand-painted pattern of botanical elements inside the box that provides a nice surprise and a lovely first impression when the customer opens the kit. Such a clean, simple and elegant box, and a brilliant way to start a new creative and mindful hobby.