Karolina Król Studio

Warsaw, Poland

Doh is a brand of great tasting desserts that happen to be healthy. It was born out of passion about the highest quality desserts and sweets that you can make in the comfort of your own home, that are also vegan, gluten free and free of refined sugar. No processed or artificial ingredients. Starting with ready-to-bake cookie dough as their first product, Doh aims to redefine the stigma of vegan food tasting like rabbit food, and instead to create an eco-friendly, sustainable, healthy, vegan brand, that lets everyone get the exciting feeling of the delicious smell of warm home-baked cookies. It’s all about creating healthy products without any compromises on taste or texture, accessible to the most demanding audiences who like to eat healthy or have certain allergies.

The cooperation between Doh and Karolina Król Studio encompassed the creation of a new brand identity, packaging designs, as well as design and development of a Shopify website. After finalising the brand strategy, it was clear that the Doh brand identity had to feel modern, cool and sleek, with a fun, bold and exciting touch. In order to achieve that, the creative direction focused on a modern but retro-inspired serif font, to capture the sense of nostalgia connected with the smell of fresh baked cookies. The use of the font is bold and eye-catching, and the centered, symmetrical layouts inspired by the look and feel of traditional desserts, are natural and elegant and provide a feeling of high quality and ease. The fun serif font is accompanied by a modern geometrical sans-serif font that adds a clean, sleek look with a touch of personality.

This simple, elegant, minimalist look was combined with a fun, colourful, confetti-like, terrazzo-style pattern inspired by the idea of the fun and play of home baking, and by cookie crumbs that are left at the end. The patterns are featured on the front of the packaging, as well as on the entire surface of one side, and each product is assigned one main bold and fun colour to help to differentiate them. The same feeling of fun and play was reflected in the creation of a Shopify website, that brings together the brand’s cookie dough products with their offer of fresh cookies in a wide variety of delicious flavours, made to order in their London kitchen. A wonderful treat for everyone who likes to eat healthy.


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