Aureli Nutra Supplements

Karolina Król Studio

Warsaw, Poland

Aureli Nutra is a health and beauty supplements brand, introduced by Medi-Manage, a strong player in the German medical products sector. Building on their 20+ years of experience working with medical and pharmaceutical experts, they decided to introduce a new line of supplements to help their audience to care for a healthy, happy, and balanced lifestyle. The brand reached out to Karolina Król Studio with an already developed brand identity and needed sustainable packaging designs for their new product line consisting of 8 products. An important requirement for this project was that the packaging designs should be stylish, modern, and natural, with a subtle nod to modern art, making sure that the customers would be happy to display them on their kitchen shelves, and interact with then daily.

In order to achieve a modern, elegant look reflecting the highest quality of the brand, as well as the natural ingredients used to formulate the supplements, the project started by dividing the products into categories based on their functional qualities. Then, in collaboration with the client, each of the categories was assigned a specific colour, which became the starting point for a collection of abstract watercolour paintings that were later used to create the box designs. These subtle, natural, flowy paintings provide a delicate, elegant look with lots of organic textures, making it easy to differentiate all categories and products. This organic, abstract look was combined with stylish black colour blocks, and delicate, minimalist fonts to reflect the high-end feel of the brand and to complement the brand’s logo. A classic centred layout was used to emphasise the premium qualities of the supplements, and a set of minimalist icons was added to represent the function of each specific product. The same elegant, minimalist layouts were used to create labels on dark amber glass jars inside the boxes, providing a sleek and stylish way for the customers to keep their daily supplement dose.