Karolina Król Studio

Warsaw, Poland

While Coffee Stylish Brand & Packaging Design

While Coffee is a brand that focuses on finding the best varieties of coffee from sustainable farmers around the world, and roasting them to perfection to reveal their richest flavours and aromas. The goal of their cooperation with Karolina Król’s Brand & Packaging Design Studio was to create an elegant and eye-catching brand identity reflecting the natural, authentic roots of the brand, and to design packaging for the four new products in their range.

The inspiration for the creative direction of this project was the colour of ripe coffee cherries, which became the base for the bright and rich colour palette of red, orange and magenta tones, representing the intensity of coffee tasting experience that the brand provides. This bold, eye-catching look was combined with elegant, modern, minimalist fonts, emphasising the high quality of the brand’s products and processes, and providing a chic, stylish feel to the entire brand identity. Additionally, a little hand-written note on the bottom of each coffee bag provides a lovely personal touch and adds to the feeling of authenticity that the brand wanted to convey.

Then, each product was matched with a custom hand-painted line illustration that was created to present the dominant aromatic notes defining the aromatic profile of each variety, i.e.: flowery, woody, honey, or citrus notes. The illustrations present the aromatic elements that are intertwined with branches of coffee plants to bring to mind the rich coffee flavours and aromas that can be found in each of the products. These natural, subtle illustrations provide an organic look kept in a minimalist style, allowing to easily differentiate each flavour, and recognise the different, individual character of each variety. Stylish and bold in its simplicity.


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