Pure Story by Medical Doctors is a brand of natural pharmaceutical cosmetics, founded by a passionate dermatologist, and based on her 30+ years of experience helping patients to find the best ways to care for their skin. The brand focuses on creating dermatological cosmetics of the highest quality that are pure, active, and bioidentical, meaning that they are based only on substances that exist in our skin naturally, making them exceptionally safe, beneficial, and effective. The brand approached Karolina Król Studio with an existing range of products and a need to refresh the look and feel of the brand identity and packaging to reflect the true quality of their offer.

The new brand identity created for Pure Story by Medical Doctors reflects the professional, medical roots of the brand and the expert scientific knowledge that the brand is based on, while at the same time providing a modern, elegant, minimalist look. It focuses on one family of fonts, using a couple of typefaces in a selection of different styles, providing a chic, stylish feel in a simple and subtle way. Additionally, clear blocking of selected design elements and the use of a vertical text alignment, provides a fresh, modern look, and allows to emphasise clear space representing the natural simplicity at the heart of the brand.

Just like the overall brand identity, the new packaging designs celebrate quality and minimalism. The colour difference between the light grey boxes and the dark glass brings an unexpected, eye-catching contrast, while at the same time still maintaining a cohesive look thanks to the minimalist text layouts. The beautiful, elegant Miron glass jars and bottles, provide the best protection for the natural formulations inside, while the subtle juxtaposition of the matte black labels against the glossy finish of the glass adds a delicate, elegant touch. The entire new look of the brand brings to mind the feeling of quality, effectiveness, and style. Pure simplicity.


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