Nordic Berry Cocktails

Karolina Król Studio

Warsaw, Poland

Nordic Berry Cocktails are natural, fruity, alcohol-based drinks for those who are looking for one-of-a-kind, delicious flavour combinations. This branding and packaging design project revolved around creating a fun, stylish and elegant brand identity reflecting the brand’s unique cocktail recipes, and designing packaging for six products in their offer, that would reflect the natural simplicity of their organic ingredients.

The colours of the wide variety of Nordic berries that are in the heart of this brand became the inspiration for the creative direction of this project, where the sweet, delicate, pastel colour palette makes a lovely, fun, and natural first impression. This elegant look was combined with a chic combination of a modern, minimalist sans-serif font, with a touch of elegance provided by the beautiful serif font used for the descriptions of the natural, plant-based ingredients inside each can. This juxtaposition allowed to reflect the essential mix of the high-quality, organic ingredients inspired by the Nordic and Scandinavian culture, with the fun vibe of the unique cocktail recipes, building a modern, minimalist and eye-catching base for the entire brand identity.

In order to reflect the natural quality of the organic ingredients used by the brand, each product was matched with a custom hand-painted line illustration. Natural ingredients such as organically-grown bilberries, blueberries, or sea buckthorn in combination with fresh herbs, some of which are rarely used in cocktail recipes, such as basil, rosemary or thyme, came together to create the most unique flavour parings, which were beautifully illustrated to provide a stylish, organic look, while still maintaining an elegant, minimalist style. Each flavour is unique and easily recognisable for its special, individual character, showing there’s no reason why natural products can’t be both fun and simple.


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