Studio La Regina

87100 Cosenza CS, Italia

Cosenza Figs (PDO, Protected Designation of Origin) are dried figs of the Dottato Bianco variety from Cosenza province, Italy. Casavurga has renewed the traditional processing of dried figs which were stuffed with walnuts and offered as a dessert at the end of the meal during the end-of-year celebrations.

They created a line of products that offer this very simple dessert with the most varied fillings and with several chocolate icings. Traditionally these products were handmade in three formats: the single fig, the “nocchette” (a pair of figs to be shared with the loved one), and the “crocette” (a group of four figs crossed by the stems).

Studio La Regina stylized the three shapes – the fig, the pair and the cross – to create a modular graphic line with which to compose the packaging design of these desserts. Each package can therefore be recognized by a pattern that is composed with the same shape as the product and colored with the tones of the icing with which it is covered. Thus, finding your favorite product on a shelf full of these colorful packages becomes an immediate gesture.


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