Studio La Regina

87100 Cosenza CS, Italia

CS Liquori is a small company from Bisignano, Italy, that produces and distributes artisanal bitters and liqueurs, in a wide range of traditional aromas and original flavors.

Their most original and exclusive product is flavored sambuca. It is the classic Italian sweet liqueur, rediscovered and enriched by two typical scents of the Calabrian coasts: lemon and cedar.

Studio La Regina wanted to emphasize all the unique characteristics of these sambucas in the design of the packages. The rounded bottle is a tribute to the sweet and round taste of the liqueur. The front label – where the name Sambuca and the company brand are highlighted on a white background – reflects the simplicity of the traditional product, the liqueur that Italians sipped sitting at a table in a bar in the afternoon sun. The aroma is emphasized from inside the bottle with an illustration of the fruits printed inside the back label and visible through the transparent liquor. The two scents, lemon and cedar, thus cross and permeate the sambuca and are highlighted by it in an optical effect that acts as a magnifying glass.