Tenute Paese – Linea Famiglia

Studio La Regina

87100 Cosenza CS, Italia

Tenute Paese produces wines extracted only from the native vines of the Donnici hills, in the province of Cosenza.

After a radical restyling of the estate logo, we created the design of the wines line by focusing the message on the origins of these wines. The labels tell of the bunches of Magliocco grapes of the red wine, of the cedar scent of the white wine, and of the floral scent of the rosé wine. All of it intertwined with the profiles of the family from which everything originates.

The illustrations stand out against a white background and are enriched by glossy braille details that give brightness and three-dimensionality to the design.

Curator’s Insight:  They capture the essence of the Donnici hills and the passion of the family that produces these wines from native vines. The illustrations are elegant and expressive, depicting the distinctive features of each wine with the head outlines of the family.


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