Farneto del Principe

Studio La Regina

87100 Cosenza CS, Italia

Farneto del Principe is a 100% organic company that aims to enhance the native vines – such as Magliocco, Calabrese, Guarnaccia and Castiglione – present in the lands of Altomonte, a splendid town in Southern Italy. The company’s range includes white, rosé and red wines.

The owners asked Studio La Regina to underline the territoriality of their production for the restyling of the organic wine labels.

After a quick restyling of the company logo, Studio La Regina centered the design of the labels on the characteristic skyline of the historical center of Altomonte. The idea is expressed in two ways. The first shows the skyline in gold foil framing a shaded sunset sky that is enriched with a linear pattern in braille polish. The second shows the skyline engraved in the die-cut to simulate the darkness of the night, illuminated by a large full moon in gold foil and enriched with a tactile sand effect.