Maria Augusta Cachaça

Holy Studio

Praça Monsenhor Emílio Lottermann, 40 - Floresta, Porto Alegre - RS, 90560-050, Brazil

Maria Augusta. Unveiling the Immigrants cachaça Legacy

The Cachaça Maria Augusta is an artistic expression that evokes an era of the rise of the iconic Brazilian beverage through details and lettering inspired by the movement of Portuguese immigrants who landed in Brazil. A label that celebrates spontaneity and, through fluid elements, represents the region of the distilleries in São Paulo, highlighting the dedicated producers who, over the centuries, contributed to the creation of the original Brazilian distilled spirit. The narrative delves into the roots of the southeast distilleries, where cachaça, present in Brazil since the 16th century, is still skillfully produced today. Iconically represented by a female figure, Maria Augusta personifies the opulence and altruistic dedication of the producers. She is a living symbol of the intrinsic quality that Brazil proudly embraces in its cachaça.