About the Brand

Varco stands as one of India’s foremost leaders in Leg Care, an FDA-approved nutraceutical brand that uses Phyto Transdermal Technology—an innovation driven by the exceptional potential of plant molecules.

The brand was facing a challenge with the previous packaging where communication of product was not coming out effectively that resulted in compromised visibility on retail shelves. Upon approaching us, the client emphasized the need to uphold the current brand identity and product design while seeking a transformation in its visual tone and communication. Consequently, our objective was to update the packaging for the same boxes and its products, aiming for a refreshed look that effectively conveyed the product’s message and projected trustworthiness, especially considering its association with the pharmaceutical industry.

Packaging Rebranding Solution

To address the design challenge, we opted for a strategy that involved breaking down the concept into two clear communication methods.  This involved incorporating product-effect-oriented iconography, prominent anatomical images of legs along with distinctive typeface which is consistent across all products. Additionally, we utilized pictograms to convey the unique selling points (USP) of each product that added detail to the design.

Vibrant Pantone color hues of purple were also integrated to enhance visibility in retail environments, ensuring that they stand out and capture attention. By aligning these elements, both primary and secondary packaging achieved coherence, effectively conveying trust, visibility, and clarity.


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Concept Direction: Megha Pal
Team: Sanjana Prabhakar, Aakanksha Sarathy, Rinleiya Ramsen