MAGLO is a limited edition Halloween Packaging for the QSR industry which consists of bewitching masterful fusion of savoury taco treats.This packaging design is inspired by the rich tapestry of the Mixtec civilization and is characterised by a strong pictorial and graphical spirit of this civilization.

The Mixtecs, an indigenous Mesoamerican people of Mexico, forged a civilization that endured for centuries, from 1500 BC until the dramatic arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in 1523. The characters featured in this exclusive limited edition Halloween packaging draw their inspiration from the regal headgear worn by the valiant warriors and revered Mixtec kings. These characters find their creative roots in the evocative depictions of historic scenes, including those of warfare, ritual performances, and jubilant tribal feasts, all of which are quintessential aspects of the rich and storied Mixtec culture.

As you unbox this packaging, you will be greeted by Dimigo-the dragon, Ramulo- the rabbit and Hoves- the whale. Each character personifies the flavour of the taco that you will be devouring.

Every character was envisioned and brought to life with a graphic style inspired by the Mixtecs, emphasizing the idea that the simplicity of these characters is intricately woven into the complexity of their curves. This design approach draws upon the rich heritage of the Mixtec culture, where the graceful interplay of curves and lines creates an elegant and visually captivating aesthetic. The product shape was chosen to be triangle and each of these triangle box fits in two tacos which is depicted by pictogram on each packaging that says ‘spooked twice’. A set of these three uniquely flavored tacos is packaged in a rectangular long box, available in both black and white. As the box is opened, whimsical Halloween-themed elements pop out to add a playful touch to the whole uboxing and lined inside are these 3 taco triangle boxes.