Ziaho – Indian Chocolate Pairings


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Ziaho (joy and delight in Sanskrit) is a brand of innovative chocolate pairings – using Indian Cacao paired with ingredients from various Indian states.

Ziaho tells the story of India, a nation that thrives amidst differences. India writes in many languages and speaks in many more voices. With 22 different languages, over 14 different written scripts, and around 19,569 dialects, our brand pays tribute to India’s linguistic diversity by intertwining it with the vibrant ingredients that thrive within our borders.

With ZIAHO, we portray the modern Indian – one who is well-traveled, well-read, and has interacted with diverse cultures and brands. She takes pride in her country’s heritage, versatility, and diversity while challenging the stereotypical views the world may have of her nation.

Through carefully curated colours, balanced layouts, negative space, and staggered ornamentation, we invite people to savor the sensory delight of our chocolate and experience the essence of the modern Indian spirit. Each Indian script showcases distinctive letterforms that reflect its individual structure and visual expression.

For ZIAHO, we recreated these letterforms to devise a unified visual language. Our focus was to maintain the legibility of the script while ensuring the overall integrity of our brand’s visual system. This challenging yet gratifying process allowed us to create a typographical hero that truly represents the modern Indian spirit. We employ a balanced layout and a detailed arrangement that creates a visually captivating design that embodies the essence of the modern Indian.

Every element is thoughtfully crafted to evoke a sense of pride and curiosity, inviting our audience to delve deeper into the world we have created. We want our consumer to deeply engage with Ziaho before they take their first bite.

From the intricate patterns to the unraveling of the three-act chocolate play, each element on the packaging serves as a delightful surprise that invites a sense of wonder. With every unboxing, we aim to spark joy and reignite a sense of pride for India.