Imagine the elegance and nostalgic charm of carousels merged with the exclusivity and sophistication associated with cognac. It is from this simple idea that the Carrousel fictive project was born.


During the Golden Age, the king orchestrated a remarkable equestrian parade, a tribute to the greatest knights triumphant in combat. Carrousel encapsulates the distinguished honor reserved for our war heroes.

Design Solution

Confronting the challenge of maintaining cognac’s elegance while evading the clichéd festive stereotypes, my solution was to play with the chalice. The bottle and its label are designed to represent an inverted chalice, symbolizing nobility and rarity, all while paying homage to the narrative of a royal celebration.


The design of Carrousel bottle packaging demanded a combination of screen printing and glass engraving. Every detail, from the horses to the floral embellishments, was meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the royal Carrousel and its history.


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