Our packaging project revolves around a lively brand originating from Africa, offering a range of mini breakfast biscuits, both sweet and savory, embodying the vibrant culture of the continent.

The concept features hand-drawn illustrations with a retro edge. Each flavor – Vanilla, Cheese, and Hot & Spicy – is represented by a unique character amidst clouds and against a checkered tablecloth, evoking the cozy ambiance of breakfast time and adding a nostalgic touch to the design. Set against fresh and vibrant colors, a handwritten font adds a personal touch, evoking wholesome goodness.

Our goal is to create packaging that captures the spirit of Africa while enticing consumers with its playful charm and inviting aesthetics. Through whimsical design elements and lively colors, we aim to create a memorable and engaging brand experience.

In summary, our packaging project for African-inspired breakfast biscuits celebrates the rich flavors and warmth of Africa. With its illustrative characters, clouds, and diner-style appeal, the packaging invites customers to indulge in a fun snacking experience.


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