Confidence is beauty.

Meet the new range of natural beauty products, exclusive to Fresh Thyme Market – designed by yours truly. Bursting with warmth and certainty, that feeling of anticipation and promise wrapped up in a pretty little package. In this case, beautifully practical too.

The strategy? The magnification of a single word, highlighting the purpose of each product – brighten, cleanse, day and night! What a delightful, yet uncomplicated approach to self-care.

New age Roman style letterforms become a captivating visual aid, as each typographic feature takes shape. We love the way the soft curves of each word wrap neatly around the bottle and box in a billboard-like fashion – an eye-catching advantage for a range of products modest in size. It also creates a nice little nook for the Fresh Thyme Market logo to live.

Screen printed directly onto the bottle for a familiar, high-end look.

This is the essence of the private label with character–designed details that capture a feeling.


Creative Director: Danielle Kidney
Project Coordinator: Emily Cho
Art Director & Senior Graphic Designer: Heather Storie
Graphic Design: Josh Manalang
Photographer: Emma Tung
Fresh Thyme Market