Matet’s Kitchen Rebranding

Nitid Studio

Nitid Studio has launched a rebranding project for Matet’s Kitchen, a brand that brings the savory delights of Filipino lumpias to a broader audience. The main challenge was to make lumpia, a lesser-known Filipino delicacy, appealing and understandable to the U.S. market. Their approach involved a twofold strategy.

Firstly, their team conducted in-depth research into Filipino culture to identify authentic elements that could be incorporated into the brand’s identity. This effort ensured that these cultural symbols were accurately represented and resonated with American consumers. The packaging design is critical, featuring appealing and educational illustrations of lumpias that spark curiosity and impart knowledge about this unique product.

The outcome of their efforts is a branding and packaging design that skillfully merges Filipino cultural motifs with the preferences of U.S. consumers. Through thorough research and innovative design, they have positioned Matet’s Kitchen’s origin as a distinctive asset, seamlessly integrated into the packaging. This strategy not only makes the brand distinctive but also serves as an educational bridge, introducing the flavors of the Philippines through its renowned lumpias.

Fernando, the founder of Nitid Studio, emphasizes the strategic importance of this project. He stated, “In these types of projects, it is crucial to create mental shortcuts so that consumers, unfamiliar with the product and culture, can instantly and effortlessly understand what it is and what it represents.” This philosophy guided the design, ensuring that each element of the brand’s presentation was both inviting and informative, thereby facilitating a smooth introduction of Filipino lumpias into the American culinary scene.