Motyw Studio

Warszawa, Polska

Veganity is a series of natural, vegan food products offered in a convenient form for consumption – either as grains or in powder form. The brand and packaging are designed with the aim of creating environmentally friendly products. The brand name is derived from the combination of the words Vegan and Society.

A key element of the project was the selection of appropriate packaging. Doypack bags, made from 100% recyclable film, were used. This ensures that the product meets the basic principles of sustainability and environmental respect.

Veganity products are offered in doypack bags that are 100% recyclable. The main feature of the packaging is illustrations that reference the shape of the Earth and diverse society in their composition. Each product’s illustration has different colors and arrangement of elements, making the entire series extensive and easy to expand further. There is a window within the illustration through which the customer can see the product.