BBE ACTIVE VITA is a specialized cereal powder product designed to fill the nutritional gaps in the daily diets of Vietnamese children under 72 months old. This product is especially beneficial for children suffering from rickets, malnutrition, or those needing additional vitamins and minerals for proper development. BBE ACTIVE VITA has been carefully formulated to meet the recommended nutritional needs specific to Vietnamese children, ensuring they receive the essential micronutrients for their growth and health.


The goal of the BBE ACTIVE VITA packaging design project is to create a package that effectively communicates the product’s health benefits and suitability for young children. The packaging needs to be visually appealing to attract parents and guardians while conveying trust, safety, and nutritional value. It must reflect the product’s adherence to the Ministry of Health’s food safety regulations. Additionally, the design should emphasize the product’s role in supporting the nutritional needs of Vietnamese children, helping it stand out in a competitive market.


To meet these objectives, the packaging design for BBE ACTIVE VITA will focus on clarity, safety, and appeal. The following design elements and materials will be utilized:

Material Selection:

Composite Film: The primary packaging will use a composite film made of Oppmat, paper, and PE, ensuring durability and freshness.

PE Film Layer: An additional PE film layer will provide extra protection against contaminants, preserving the product’s micronutrients.

Hard Paper Box: The sealed package will be housed in a hard paper box, providing robust protection and ensuring compliance with food safety regulations.

Design Elements:

Visual Appeal: The outer box will feature vibrant, child-friendly graphics with playful illustrations and bright colors to attract both children and parents.

Nutritional Information: Clear, easy-to-read labels will detail the nutritional content, emphasizing the essential vitamins and minerals included in the product. Icons and infographics will make this information accessible at a glance.

Trust and Safety: The packaging will prominently display certifications and compliance logos to assure parents of the product’s adherence to health and safety standards. Information about the research backing the product’s formulation will build credibility.

Convenience: Practical design features such as resealable packaging will ensure ease of use for parents, making the package easy to handle, open, and store.

Brand Identity:

Consistent Branding: The design will incorporate the BBE ACTIVE VITA brand colors and logo, ensuring consistency across all marketing materials and fostering brand recognition.

The packaging design for BBE ACTIVE VITA will effectively combine functional and aesthetic elements to create a product that is appealing and trustworthy. It will communicate the essential health benefits it provides to young children, meet all safety regulations, and stand out on the shelves as a reliable choice for parents seeking to improve their children’s nutrition.