Tazzine is a coffee brand for those who dream, live and love the Dolce Vita.

The customer, from Poland, after a trip to Italy was enchanted by our country and the espresso. He decided to buy beans processed in Naples and to export, in this way, a cup of Italy all over the world. Starting from this brief we created a travel itinerary for the Diva represented on the packs and illustrated the main features of the most beloved Italian locations: Capri, Palermo and Verona. One for each selected blend.

The brand concept is encapsulated in the old-fashioned postcards, with an all-Italian feel, from the letters that then become “greetings from” the trip to the “Bel Paese”. Crucial in the story was the use of typography, characterized by precise stylistic choices starting with the logotype that features two forms, one linear and one that takes the shape of a cup and acts as a container for the retro-style illustrations.

The Italian spirit has been embodied by the elegant stroke of the font, inspired by Art Nouveau, typical of fashion magazines, and the bright colors of the Italian atmospheres. The pack is accompanied by specially made coffee saucers, designed as a cadeau for consumers: savor the taste of Tazzine, take the saucer and reuse it as a coaster. Or as a postcard!