Grace Lash House: Eyelashes and Eye Products

Studio Six F

Client: Grace Lash House is a beauty brand founded by a Latina entrepreneur, focusing on high-quality, cruelty-free eyelashes and eye products. The brand is dedicated to enhancing natural beauty while emphasizing the importance of mental health. It fosters a supportive community for women, celebrating self-love and providing exceptional customer service.

Challenge: Grace Lash House aims to establish a unified brand identity to increase global recognition. The challenge involves repositioning the brand to reach both the wellness and beauty industries. This includes promoting mental health, empowering the Latino community, launching a sister skincare line, and aspiring to open physical stores and a wellness centre.

Solution: The rebranding strategy introduces floral and soft designs to represent Grace Lash House’s commitment to natural, accessible beauty. This aesthetic refresh aligns with the brand’s mission to create a welcoming space for self-expression and to celebrate each individual’s intrinsic beauty. The new approach enhances the brand’s appeal and supports its goals of expanding into wellness and global markets.

Impact: The rebranding effort solidified Grace Lash House’s identity, making it more recognizable globally. By integrating mental health advocacy and community empowerment into its core values, the brand not only attracts a broader audience but also fosters a deeper connection with its customers. The launch of the skincare line and the planned physical stores and wellness centre further enhance the brand’s presence and influence in the beauty and wellness industries.