The task 

Aerosquad – The US based toy company entrusted us with a packaging redesign for their invisible ink product. The product itself – The invisible ink pen is a highly engaging toy which is popular globally, given the inherently creative characteristics of the invisible ink pen our team found great enjoyment in brainstorming concepts for this design. Moreover, in this design, we had to keep in mind that the art direction should be targeted towards a younger age demographic of children which ultimately led to the creation of the creative eye-catching characters which stand at the front of the packaging.

Our creative

The characters you see in front of you were entirely hand-drawn by our team and almost jumped out of the packaging. The bright yet subtle tone of blue radiates a strong feeling of mystery which perfectly matches the expression of excitement on our characters’ faces. The neon shade of sky blue alongside the yellow text which uses a captivating font only make the base colours of the dark blue stand out further. The pens themselves are clearly displayed in the bottom corner of the packaging to ensure that customers have a clear idea of what to exactly expect, alongside a hand holding the pen to add motion to the design and truly bring the art together.