“Oceanic Formula N” Face Cream

Eclectic M

Melbourne VIC, Australia


The key feature of “Nabila K Cosmetics” is its natural ingredients. The task required the packaging to successfully convey the natural and oceanic origin of the ingredients that the new “Oceanic Formula N” face cream is made up of. Thus, the packaging had to accentuate and complement the marine character of the cream. It was essential to utilize textures, colours and elements that evoked a memorable and authentic image.

The “Oceanic Formula N” face cream was developed using effective marine ingredients, which makes it a true treasure for anyone. The concept of ‘Treasure from the Ocean’s Depths’ became a foundation for the design of the “Oceanic Formula N” cream bottle. The key element of the packaging is an image of an antique ceramic amphora lost among the corals and seaweeds on the ocean floor and concealing something valuable within. An antique amphora, retrieved from the depths of the sea and covered with corals and seashells, perfectly encapsulates a classic image of a marine treasure that excites the imagination.

For the cream launch event, it was necessary to design a limited edition of presentation packaging. The key tasks of the brief were to highlight the concept of ‘Treasure from the Ocean’s Depths’ and to imbue the packaging with an element of surprise when seeing it for the very first time. Inside the classic-looking packaging, we created something people didn’t expect to find – a piece of the seashore with natural seashells and colourful fragments of oceanic glass. In the centre of the packaging lies the cream bottle, half submerged in the surrounding sand. It creates the illusion that it has just been washed ashore by a sea wave, pristine from being left unopened and untouched by anyone else for years. The sand is comprised of painted foam rubber, perfectly imitating wet sea sand and wonderfully protecting the cream from damage.

As a result, we obtained unique and vibrant cosmetic packaging that tells an interesting and intriguing story about the product before it’s even been opened. It highlights the product and interests people to learn more about the cream inside and its properties.


Eclectic M

Melbourne VIC, Australia
Design Director: Igor Mitin
Nabila K Cosmetics