Firegy Aloe Vera Juice

Modern World Studio

The Firegy brand includes a variety of healthy products. They are produced in Hungary and are intended for the European market. The client commissioned us to create a packaging design for a line of juices that contain aloe vera.

It is an expensive and healthy product. The packaging design should reflect the high quality of the juices and emphasize the non-triviality of the flavor combinations.

The concept of our team was to present illustrations drawn by us on “rough” paper. A key element is the images of juicy fruits in bright, saturated colors. The illustrations are so large that they literally don’t fit on the label. The use of scaling emphasizes the naturalness and qualities of the product. An important task of the illustrations is to navigate the customers what each individual type of juice contains.

Our conceptual approach brought authenticity to the packaging design and emphasized that this is an expensive product for customers with a certain lifestyle.