Go natural juices

Modern World Studio

KRAL JUICE company is our regular customer. We have implemented various branding and design projects for him.

This time, the assignment to Modern World Studio was to develop a packaging design for a line of juices. The range included both the best-selling pomegranate juice and several more unconventional flavors – tomato, mango, feijoa and others.

Since the product is quite fancy and is intended for a young, active audience – our team bet on a very modern style. Our colleague solved the difficult task in a very creative way – he invented and worked out a series of characters-fruits. Each of them has its own name, history and unique message. These messages are a tease with the name of the respective drink. We also used color codes to correspond with the type of fruit contained in the natural juice. Thanks to the design, Miss Feijoa, Don Tomato, Mango Jumbo, Pine Apple, and Pomegranate came to life and made the product more communicative.

This is a creative project aimed at active young people who live dynamically and like to have fun.