Kodaks and Kodak Supplies (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Kristina Selinski
Project Type: Student Project
School: Pratt MWP
Course: Typography II
Tutor: Cindy Koren
Location: Utica, United States
Packaging Contents: Text from Kodaks and Kodak Supplies
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plexiglass, card stock, vellum
Printing Process: Digital Printing

This is a hand-bound book using a coptic-stitching method to combine plexiglass covers, card stock and vellum. The project is a design prompt meant to show off the font Futura in all the many ways it can be displayed.

What’s Unique?
A coptic stitch hand-bound type Specimen book displaying the various ways to use the font Futura. To display this font, I chose to redesign a selection of text from the book Kodaks and Kodak Supplies 1914. Eastman Kodak Company, commonly referred to as “Kodak”, is an American technology company that produces imaging products with its historic basis on photography. To truly capture the essence of Kodak and photography, I chose to design my book to represent that energy.

Starting with the hard covers, I chose a clear plexiglass to represent the nature of looking through the glass of a lens. Secondly, the front cover and multiple pages inside are layered with silver reflective vinyl, to give the viewer the feeling that they are looking at a photograph of themselves therefor involving them with the book itself. To tie the book together with Kodak even more, I chose my color palette based directly off of a vintage early 1900s Kodak poster.

Lastly, my inspiration relied heavily on the text. Specifically, the opening line: “Make it Simpler.”