Designer: Michalis Kanonis
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Elysian Fine Foods
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Honey, Culinary herbs, Botanical herbs
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Offset, 4 colours

Elysian Fine Foods selects and provides high quality and of nutritional value products of Mediterranean origin, in premium aesthetics packages.

The carefully selected products with all the wonderful aromas of the Greek countryside are always collected fresh and processed with the most exquisite, healthy and traditional ways.

The packaging family design contains 3 different products; honey, culinary herbs and botanical herbs, of excellent quality and certified with biologic management from cultivation to standardization.

Elysian thyme and oak honey packaging
With amber color, unique flavor and distinct aroma, thyme honey is considered to be top because of its excellent quality. The higher the percentage of thyrogrones in honey, the greater its value and its beneficial properties. The unique characteristics and nutritional value of thyme honey make it a medical and nutritional treasure known to mankind for centuries.

The packaging design was developed around two conceptual axes.

1) The hexagonal three-dimensional formation on the front and back of the pack symbolizes the primordial skill of the bee which, with astonishing geometric precision is capable of building the hexagonal cells of the honeycomb in which it reproduces, stores pollen and honey, forming an integral part of its existence.

2) The beneficial properties of thyme honey have medical and therapeutic extensions and deliberately the packaging reveals these concepts. On one side of the packaging are illustrated with icons the 5 most important properties of honey as a therapeutic superfood

• Good heart function • Good brain function • Anti-cancer action • Thyme – Pharmaceutical herb • Antibacterial action

The packaging is consisted by 2 parts; the inner and outer carton structures.

When are closed and placed one in the other, they create a 3d shaped hexagonal visual access to the product.

Elysian culinary herbs packaging
The culinary herbs of elysian contain 3 different products; oregano, thyme and rosemary.

The packaging is consisted by 2 parts; the nylon pack with airtight protection for the product and the carton package, which when closed has the shape of a water drop. The inspirations driving the image of the packages were luxury, purity, innovation, uniqueness and biological treatment of the production as main characteristics of the design. The aim was a high aesthetics product, using minimal formation and immediate visual language. The 3 products differentiate by the use of a light color palette.

What’s Unique?
Searching for the right shape for each product and addressing technical problems in die line development is a unique experience.

Elysian Botanical herbs packaging
Sage and mountain tea are native Mediterranean medicinal herbs, extremely aromatic with intense flavor. They have antibiotic, antifungal, antispasmodic and hypoglycemic action and are among the most gifted and rich in herbal qualities in Greece.

The packaging for these two herbs is based on a prototype die line design (case type) with study and development exclusively for the specific products. The two products are color-separated using a soft palette.