Mind Matters: Mindfulness Kit & Awareness Campaign

Derrick Lin


Design: Jessica Yeap
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Student Project
School: Taylor’s University
Packaging Contents: Informational Booklet, Journal, Stickers, Cards, Button Badge
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Mounting Board, Sticker Paper, Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Mind Matters is a self-help mindfulness awareness campaign, with a name that serves as a reminder that our mind matters and shouldn’t be avoided, as we can’t heal what we can’t feel. It’s about being aware of those emotions and learning to respond mindfully. The big idea is to engage your mind in the present.

As part of the campaign, a mindfulness kit is designed and created. It started with the aim of inspiring happier and healthier minds, which then blossomed into the idea of a mindfulness kit to encourage individuals to learn about the importance and benefits of mindfulness, along with the various ways to practice it. With this mindfulness kit, it also hopes to bring in more focus into our minds from the comforts of our home. The kit includes an informational booklet, a journal and sticker set, a set of cards, and also a button badge.

What’s Unique?
The structure of the mindfulness kit is designed to have two layers. The first layer you see when you open the box is a pop-up of a visual which aims to portray the idea of being aware of your present surroundings and living life mindfully. Having a pop-up as part of packaging design also brings in the elements of joy in the box which sparks excitement among users upon opening the box. The layer underneath stores the items; in the pocket sleeve and in the tray compartment.