Camac St, Elgin, Kolkata, West Bengal, India


This brand is one of the strongest that we have worked for. Om in India is a mantra that has the highest power. Oms brand has its roots in traditional India which is now adapting to the more elegant features of modern times. This brand is into the dry fruits market for a long time and now is adapting to the online market. The project was completed keeping in mind all the goals that this brand has and will encounter if it wants to open trade routes to different channels of distribution.


We were to make packages for traditional dry fruits such as cashews, almonds, and pistachios and mix dry fruits. The package is conceptualized keeping the brand guidelines the powerful blue is used in the mixed dry fruits packaging which is the brand color as well with a contrasting shade as the background. The concept behind the packaging was to make sure that it stands out at the retail stores as well as different marketing channels keeping in mind showcasing the benefits that one gets from having dry fruits which is a healthier snack.


We believe in revisiting the basics and keeping the package as simple as possible due to various factors such as economy of scale. We developed packages that do not use more than four colors for each variant. This can be further reduced if required to scale it economically for the brand. Following the basic principles with print test and label test etc, we concluded the packaging designs.


The leaves depict various things as perceived by different individuals, Our perspective for this packaging concept is All of us around the world are thankful for nature for flowering us with so many wonderful creations. The buds, the leaves which we usually see but do not admire like flowers is the most powerful. The herbs are as powerful as whatever grows in the trees.

We kept the color palette for flavors so subtle and similar to the color of leaves as well as the colors of the end product that is inside the package.


We developed 4 Packaging designs 3 for the variant and one mix of dry fruit packaging which comes in three different sizes—having all the details about the product at the back keeping only the essentials at the front.