Areaware The Balancing Block

Kai Wei Ng

Areaware is a New York-based design company that specializes in creating artful and functional everyday objects with a story to tell. This project focuses on one of their products, The Balancing Blocks, and aims to capture the essence of Areaware’s design philosophy through the packaging: everyday objects should be both practical and enjoyable.

There are three packaging designs in the series. To reflect the playful and creative spirit of the Areaware brand, the packaging design takes inspiration from the shape of the Balancing Blocks themselves. Therefore, each of the packaging boxes comes with its own unique structure and slanted surfaces. By doing so, it not only showcases the features of the product but also provides a glimpse of what consumers can expect inside. This design approach also distinguishes the packaging on store shelves, creating an elevated unboxing experience that engages customers.

The dimension of the box is 7cm7cm13cm and it is capable of holding up to 16 pieces in different colour combinations. Each packaging box features a unique illustration that tells a story. The cloud character represents mindfulness, inspiring users to concentrate and cultivate patience while playing with the blocks. The TV symbolizes fun and entertainment, highlighting the endless possibilities of stacking the blocks. Lastly, the astronaut design connotes imagination and creativity, inviting users to express their own creativity while experimenting with different sculptures and constructions.

Overall, Areaware’s Balancing Blocks packaging design embodies the company’s mission of creating enjoyable and functional everyday objects while also elevating the unboxing experience and engaging customers with stories and illustrations.