Blossom Time is an emerging brand of old Shanghai souvenirs. The brand inherits the taste of old Shanghai famous spots and inspires new customer experience. The enterprise mainly produces cakes and biscuits. The company maintains the traditional taste in the research and development of products, relies on modern advanced equipment, innovates technology, learns from the old and absorbs the new, and constantly explores and thinks. Shape the founding spirit of “honesty and trustworthiness, hard work, innovation and progress”, follow the trend of the times, strengthen quality and safety management, take high-quality and delicious food as our own responsibility, and check the quality and safety of products from the source to the end of the product.
Butterfly Cake is a traditional snack loved by Shanghainese. Its layers of puff pastry are folded repeatedly in half, shaped like a butterfly. It has a heavy milky taste but not greasy, and it is particularly crispy, and it will break when you bite it lightly.

Shaqima is a Manchu special sweet pastry. The method is to fry the noodles, mix them with sugar and then cut them into small pieces for consumption. Saqima has the characteristics of beige in color, crisp and soft in taste, sweet and delicious, and rich in sweet-scented osmanthus and honey fragrance.

Longevity cake, a kind of pasta. It is processed from flour, sesame, sugar, eggs, edible oil, etc. It has the characteristics of sweet and delicious, rich fragrance, crisp and easy to melt.

Cranberry cookies, dried cranberries are sour and sweet. The cookies taste firm and delicate, crispy and sticky, which makes people have endless aftertaste. They are suitable for snacks and afternoon tea. This cranberry cookie is easy to make .

Salted cream, an old-fashioned traditional biscuit, is a cookie with a salty flavor. Compared with ordinary cookies, the amount of sugar is reduced a lot.

Butter cookies are a dessert. The main materials are flour, eggs and so on. The taste is sweet and crisp. When eggs are added to butter, be sure to add them in portions, and beat each time until the eggs and butter are safely blended before the next time.