In this Curator’s Insight, let’s take a peek at MazMez designed by Abdelaziz Refaey, a juice brand that sounds like a party in a carton.

First things first, this packaging is all about joy. They’ve got the whole “fruity rainbow” thing going on, with a color palette so bright it practically pops off the shelf. Imagine a grocery aisle filled with dull packaging, then BAM! MazMez hits you with a burst of sunshine. You can’t miss it!

But it’s not just about being loud. The adorable fruit characters – smiling strawberries and cheerful blueberries – add a layer of playfulness. They’re like little mascots inviting you to grab a carton and join the fun.

Here’s the really clever bit: MazMez isn’t just selling juice, they’re selling a feeling. By using simple yet inviting design elements, they’re promising a taste of happiness with every sip. It’s a smart way to connect with consumers on an emotional level.

While the current fruits are great, MazMez could explore featuring other fun characters based on their different flavors. Imagine a cool dude kiwi or a sassy mango! This could add even more variety and appeal to the brand.

Overall, MazMez is a packaging design that gets it right. It’s eye-catching, playful, and promises a delightful experience. It’s a design that makes you smile, and that’s something we can all appreciate!

Senior Graphic Designer: Abdelaziz Refaey
3D Generalist : Mohammed Musleh