Paua (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Jemma Lam, currently undergoing my second year at Massey University, New Zealand.

Packaging a design for a Paua shell, the ‘treasure of New Zealand’, too many times have I seen in souvenir shops tacky boxes that hold quite possibly one of the most beautiful shells in the world and i believed it was time to change that.

I call this, my ‘This is’ series. Plain and simple, with a sprinkle of quirky I’ve created a very obvious design that makes it easy for tourists and foreigners searching for that perfect gift or souvenir.

Unlike most souvenir packaging seen these days, the ‘This is’ series really stands out with its bold plain typography, grabbing potential customers eyes and attention. – The contrast of colours seen in the cut out of the top left corner reinforces the products boldness and makes it stand out even more.

Starting off small, once developed, could be expanded with literally any product, even including the bag used for customers after purchasing the product: ‘This is a paperbag’

All eco friendly and made from recycled paper, so basically, it’s a win win product.