Designed by We are Bulletproof, United Kingdom.

Bulletproof gives Maynards a ‘Marveloose’ makeover

Launching this month is the new bright and bold packaging for the Maynards sugar confectionery range designed by leading strategic brand design agency Bulletproof.

Following a 3-way strategic pitch, Bulletproof were chosen to evolve the Maynards design and improve differentiation vs the competition, whilst providing a clearer role for each of the variants which include Maynards Wine Gums, Maynards Wine Pastilles, Maynards Sours, Maynards Sports Mix and Maynards Midget Gems.

The new iconic design focuses around a swirling ‘vortex’ device, giving the illusion of the product being lost in the centre, and emulating the ease at which consumers get ‘lost in the chew’ with Maynards confectionery. Familiar bright colours ensure strong standout on shelf accompanied by the popular ‘Maynard the Moose’, featuring on pack for the first time in the brand’s history.

Anna Bouriak, Senior Account Manager, comments: “Maynards had an ambition to modernise their brand and become emotionally engaging for a younger adult audience without alienating the current consumer. The objective from the outset was to align the wider brand communication with the brand packaging and activation in line with the Maynard brand team’s direction. The new design successfully positions Maynards as ‘Masters of the Parallel Chew-niverse!’”

“’To moose or not to moose’ – that was another question we had to answer. Having recently made his debut in a successful 2010 ATL campaign, both the Maynards brand team and Bulletproof decided it was now time for Maynard the Moose to make his debut on pack*”continues Bouriak.

“Working with such a well-loved brand was great fun but also a serious challenge. The existing design was a little tired and lacked clear differentiation across the portfolio. Maynards wanted to give each product its own unique personality based on the individual chew experience, whilst still retaining great impact on shelf. Our solution – create a swirling chewy vortex, inviting consumers to lose themselves in the ‘Maynards Chew-niverse.’” said Lauren Milne, Designer at Bulletproof.

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