Derrick Lin


Designed by Yroslav Shkriblyak of Umbra Design, Ukraine.

Zapadenka, the new vodka brand designed by Umbra design studio for factory “Galicja” what is located in the Precarpathia, Western Ukraine and the most ecologically clean region in the country.

Zapadenka, the perfect balance of beverage industry traditions and the natural wealth of the Carpathian Mountains. These associations we have tried to add in product design. The basis of the brand “Zapadenka” was taken the territorial belonging to Western Ukraine – namely, to the Carpathian region, famous for its clear waters, rich natural and cultural heritage, thats why we used Hutsul ethnic motifs of ornamentation, which are characterize for folklore Carpathians population. The product image is light and fresh, make feeling of coolness of Carpathian Mountains spring water.