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Designed by Parker Williams, United Kingdom.

Parker Williams redesign of Miracle-Gro

Parker Williams has redesigned Scott’s flagship gardening brand Miracle-Gro across all its compost and plant food categories.

“Miracle-Gro has very strong design equities” explains Parker Williams MD Kate Bradford “but as the range has expanded rapidly with innovation across categories and formats, inconsistencies in its design have crept in and brand impact has been diluted. Scotts’ brief gave us a wonderful opportunity to appraise the design and build upon the distinctive strengths of the current UK and US ranges.”

The new approach refreshes the communication of Miracle-Gro’s values and personality and creates an impactful and cohesive brand design across the range. Bold hero flower and veg shots are captured in bright and vibrant colours to demonstrate Miracle Gro’s outstanding results. A logical design system based on the gardener’s purchasing decision tree makes product navigation across the range easy in store; and a de-cluttered presentation of informative product messages, reinforces the brand promise of a simple easy way to get great gardening results.

Sheila Hill, International Marketing Lead at The Scotts’ Miracle-Gro Company added: “This is a very exciting time for us. Miracle-Gro has a very strong design heritage and we are delighted with the way Parker Williams has evolved this in an entirely relevant way both for the UK and other global markets.”

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