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Designed by Society27 and David Sossella, Germany.

Society27 and Italian illustrator David Sossella Crowd-Produce Series of Designer T-Shirts

Community driven decisions shape designers’ project “TOGETHER”

To push the boundaries of a common product and involvement of their followers, creative community Society27 manifest the path of co-creation in their new project “TOGETHER”

This is an independent undertaking in which Society27 fans and artists are interconnected in the creative process. Everything started with a contest commissioned by Society27 for an illustration that had to express participation and collaboration – the fundamental spirit of this creative community.

The submission of prominent Italian illustrator David Sossella was voted best, he pinpointed the idea with a complex drawing of 27 characters bound together in circular motion.

Archabits, the studio that created the famous wooden shoe box for Society27, stepped in again to create yet another state-of-the-art packaging decision to accommodate the TOGETHER tees. The wooden packaging is a screen printed with Sossella`s illustration on the wooden front and has Society27`s logo pattern on the back. It unfolds to a wall piece showcasing the possibilities of multi-purpose packaging design.

“TOGETHER” is part of Society27’s initiative to inspire and boost creators creativity, to work on common online projects that result in real life tangible products. Its purpose is to showcase the concept of giving birth to something in the digital world and then transferring it into real life, with lasting effects on networking, friendship and co-creation ideas.

As part of its community upbringing spirit, the project continues on until 27th of April.

David Sossella is a prominent young Italian illustrator. Originally from Venice, he now lives in Treviso and is a graphic designer at Manifactory design studio. Lover of traditional Japanese art, he mixies it with Soviet Union elements to bring out one of the most recognizable drawing styles in the world of illustration today.