Mighty Nuts (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Maija Rozenfelde, United States.

This packaging for pistachio nuts tells a narrative in every detail. The shape and opening mechanism is a reference to pistachios themselves. A crucial part of the thought process was to focus on user experience and second function of the package. The end result is a package where the inside tray holds pistachios but the outer part separates and becomes a tray for the shells – a simple and convenient way to enjoy pistachios instantly.

The graphics are no less important for this solution. The main intention was to create graphics that depict the crunchiness of pistachios, that’s where the hand-made type treatment comes in. Also, to think even further about the consumers, all the nutrition facts are shown on the front panel. However, the engraved design makes this essential information visually appealing and even interesting to look at.