Derrick Lin


Designed by Goodmorning Technology, Denmark.

Scandinavian packaging design with pick-me-up-effect

GMTN has since 2008 worked as a lead design agency within Jordan’s oral care trade activities covering toothbrushes, sticks, mouthrinse and toothpaste.
Jordan is the market leader in Scandinavia, but all creative development is for the global market. GMTN is continually working on developing and improving all point-of-sale activities to insure that Jordan is perceived as being appealing and unique. The work covers packaging, products and various POS elements such as floor stands, posters etc. Also new sub-identities for product launches are being created – and with great success in both sales and marked shares!

“..actually, packaging is psychology. We unconsciously expect added experiences when buying products; that be surprises, a reminder of the past, benefit from savings or an extra quality feel. As consumers we tend to be extremely disloyal. From years of designing packaging for numerous clients Goodmorning Technology are able to fine tune just when the extra experience appears to the consumer. Is it within the 0.5 seconds of glancing over the products in the store? Is it when the consumer grabs the product? Or shall it to be a continuous experience where the consumer uses the packaging again and again?”

– Nille Halding, Creative Director, Goodmorning Technology