Derrick Lin


Designed by Charlotte Olsen, Norway.

I just made these chocolate wrappings as self promotion. I thought I would try to stick out as a job seeker and make something fun and eye catching to show my personality and my own original style as a designer. Who doesn’t like chocolate? I Wrote my skills as how I would be to work with as a designer on the back of the wrapper in the ingredients list, along with my contact info and a fun twist with a “Best Before” box that says “Before someone else snaps me up”, like a wordplay at the same time as in snapping up a chocolate bar. Me as a concept is that I am an honest person with honest skills, so at the front of the wrapper it says ” Charlotte Olsen: 100% RAW TALENT”, and on the sides of the wrapper it says “No artificial skills” and “Not factory made” Therefore I chose to print on a textured paper to make it look more “Raw” and natural. Under the wrapper I put a Golden Ticket that gives anyone “snapping me up” 10% off my hours.

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