Architects of Success

Derrick Lin


Designed by Hush Communications / Kyp / Velux
Country: United Kingdom

VELUX is a leading architectural company that provides cutting-edge designs with a dedication to sustainable living. Offering unique solutions with traditional values, VELUX provides advice and solutions for both consumers and housing professionals.

VELUX needed an innovative way to increase awareness of its products and services amongst leading architects in home design. The objective was to create a simple, original solution that demonstrated the client’s broad range of products and highlighted VELUX’s ability to tailor its services to individual needs.

Kyp worked alongside creative agency Hush Communications to develop a unique mailing piece designed to create intrigue for VELUX’s variety of architectural services online.

The compact mailer included a Kyp webkey which when plugged into a computer USB port instantly launched an online showcase of VELUX’s services and examples of their work. Furthermore, the custom made Kyp webkey provided strong brand identification for the company whilst reflecting VELUX’s minimalist style and demonstrating its dedication to sustainable solutions. Kyp’s solution successfully showcased VELUX’s designs, providing easily accessible information and extending its influence amongst leading architects.

The direct mail campaign is continuing to generate leads for VELUX and has so far achieved a striking 17.9% response rate!

“Kyp’s webkey helped to achieve exceptional results with a response rate over double the national average. The campaign received positive feedback from architects, particularly from larger practices, and webkey users influenced over £727 million worth of live projects.”
– Director, Hush Communications