Designed by BexBrands, United States.
Designers: Becky Nelson, Jeremy Dahl

The cold-pressed raw juice market is booming these days. It’s almost as if it’s the new coffee.

As we’re in the infant stages of this trend, companies are competing like crazy to see who might end up on top. Blueprint Cleanse is offering it’s juices in Whole Foods Markets nationwide. Evolution Juices has been purchased by Starbucks.

Suja has a remarkable product that uses the highest-quality organic ingredients and tastes amazing!
When we developed their packaging, we set out to do something very different than it’s competitors.

We chose colors that reinforced the vibrant colors of their juices. We wrote copy that helped people get to know Suja, meaning we not only told customers the ingredients and how the juice was processed, but we also gave tidbits that helped customers know Suja as the friend who you could speak with about all things related to healthy living. Suja understands people have busy lives and may not have the time to eat six heads of lettuce, but they can grab a juice and get virtually the same nutrients.

They have been given the most unbelievable opportunity to also be included in Whole Foods Markets in the Southwest region of the country. We are absolutely thrilled to see Suja flying off the store shelves!