Designed by McLean Design, Inc., United States.

Popeye Energy: The All-New Classic Action Hero

Erstwhile sailor man Popeye might seem an unlikely new entry to the modern energy drink market, but he was ripping open cans for extra oomph decades before the energy drink was even invented. So it’s not surprising that this new edition of the classic champ still reaches for all-natural solutions — not spinach, but 70% fruit juice, a boatload of vitamins, and a proprietary energy blend that includes natural caffeine.

The background comic strip art – reminding fans of all they know and love about the sailor and his loopy circle of friends — could have made this drink a mere sideshow novelty. Instead, the power of the brand marks this product as a serious contender, attracting attention wherever it is seen.

While art production can often be a dull and thankless job, McLean Design’s efforts to replicate the large-dot printing of early comic strips was actually a boon to manufacturing, with the final product matching McLean Design’s comps dot for dot, and sailing through set-up and separations with ease.

Promotional materials and wearables, currently in production, will help place this product and its classic action hero into the modern era of enduring pop culture where it belongs.

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