MORARITA Redesigned

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Designed by Ampro Design
Country: Romania
Creative director: Irinel Ionescu
Senior designer: Francesca Muresan
Account Manager: Mihaela Dumitrescu
Illustrator: Alin Patru
Prepress: Danubiu Birzu, Gabi Costea.

Morarita is the first brand of the company Panovia prod – both historically and as sales volume. Morarita was always positioned (packaging design, product, price) as a popular brand, easy traditionalist to meet the basic needs of housewives. Morarita was a very successful brand with one strong competitor (Linco) and many local players. In the last 3 years Morarita was constantly losing market share reaching before the redesign a 10% market share in the frozen “basic” category.

Current situation: Currently, the biggest problem is the lack of visibility of the brand on the shelves; our product is lost among the competition. Also, the current packaging looks “dusty”.
Why do we need new design?
– The main problem is lack of visibility on shelf
– Market shares currently allows a much stronger change (a revolution and not evolution
this time) because the risk is much lower.

– Redrawing the entire “Morarita” range (based on a concept).
– Increase shelf visibility and ease of identification by the consumer brand
– Regaining confidence in the brand.

1. To stand out on shelf and to have good visibility, we chose white as the brand color;
2. After analyzing the existing packaging, we’ve realized that there is a gap between
the naming, Morarita (the woman from the mill, the Miller) and the look and feel of
the pack. To connect visual brand positioning, we redesigned the logo and have included
the milling woman face into the logo;
– As a brand signal, we used embroidered flowers (in a traditional Romanian style) to
give authenticity and human touch to the packages, also offering packages femininity.

The product gain visibility in shelf, also managing to build a very good shelf block;
The packaging was awarded in Pentawards competition.
The sales increased by 12% in 6 months without any communication activity.
The Modern trade buyers had a very good reaction and they wanted to have the new packaging in shelf.