Designed by BrandOpus, United Kingdom.

BrandOpus creates refreshing new design for The Everyday Tea.

Twinings tasked long-term brand design partner BrandOpus to redesign their everyday blend to clearly establish it as the ‘everyday’ choice within the Twinings portfolio, whilst ensuring a quality perception within the context of the mainstream tea category.

BrandOpus responded to the brief with a simple and impactful design. The recognisable yellow background has been developed to feature a tealeaf pattern and bright glow. Whilst ensuring clear recognition for existing consumers, this also establishes the yellow as a more distinctive visual equity for the range. Superfluous product imagery and messaging has been dispensed with to achieve a more single minded and modern design that creates greater simplicity and stand out for the Twinings everyday blend. The provenance of the tea is conveyed through a newly developed blend story on the reverse of the pack featuring the Twinings Master Blender’s signature and stamp to reassure that, with over 300 years of blending experience, Twinings know that they have made this blend the very best of it’s class.

The range has also been extended to include four new ‘everyday extra’ blends. Aimed at consumers who want the reassurance of their everyday cuppa but are intrigued by the benefit of herbal blends – these new teas are blended to be drunk with a splash of milk. The new range consists of Redbush, Green Tea, Echinacea and Peppermint. The design approach aims to compliment the core everyday range whilst achieving clear differentiation and navigation for the new products.
BrandOpus were keen to create significant shelf blocking and standout for the entire range by ensuring that they utilised only the elements established in the core design to act as blend differentiation.

Paul Taylor, executive creative director at BrandOpus, says of the design,
“We had to assess the previous design and challenge what was absolutely necessary to take forward. Only when we were able to simplify the design could we create a confident pack that will sit proudly alongside its competitors and the wider Twinings portfolio.”

An ode to the glory of the nation’s classic cuppa, the new look Twinings Everyday packs are set to hit retailer shelves nationwide from this month, and available now on