Toni’s Egg Liqueur

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Derrick Lin


Designed by moodley brand identity
Country: Austria
Creative Direction: Mike Fuisz
Art Direction: Natascha Triebl
Graphic Design: Natascha Triebl, Sabine Kernbichler
Project Management: Christina Schachner, Johanna Tauschmann
Photography: Marion Luttenberger

For more than 25 years Toni’s chickens have spent their lives in freedom. That’s a matter of attitude but also a matter of taste. Toni Hubmann, head of Toni’s Freilandeier, always tries to take new paths to shape a sustainable and innovative future.

Toni’s latest product is his fine egg liqueur – made out of Stroh Inländer Rum, Fair Trade vanilla, love, experience and, of course, Toni’s free-range eggs. To protect the fine taste of the liqueur it is filled in attractive bottles with swing stoppers and packed in a beautifully illustrated box. Toni’s fine egg liqueur is a culinary delight and a feast for the eyes.

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