SchokoPause (Concept)

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Derrick Lin


Designed by vivia, Germany.
Designer: Jürgen Novotny

One finger is enough… to release the chocolate with a single push on SchokoPause‘s Pause button – for the own pleasure or for friends.
SchokoPause is the snack for inbetween you don’t need both of your hands to “skin” the desired chocolate portions out of it’s wrap. The chocolate portions can be easily gathered from the SchokoPause tray – without bending, breaking or crumbs.

The cover film – which like the tray should consist of recycable material – is bonded to the tray rim; the chocolate portions are arranged inside the tray that so they can’t move or block the centered cavity. The consument pushes the Pause button, and the inelastical cover foil smoothly drains away from the rim by means of the resulting forces. The chocolate portions are ready for consumption; Voilá!